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Designer:....Bill Lee (1985), 19 built
LOA:....68' 0"
Ballast:....9,600 lbs.
Displacement:....24,000 lbs.


NOTE: Actual specifications and price vary  from yacht to yacht.


SC70 is a very fast ULDB (ultra light displacement boat). The yacht was originally designed with the California to Hawaii race, a mostly down wind event,  in mind. In 1986, Dick Jennings brought the first SC70, the Pied Piper, to the Great Lakes for the expressed purpose of beating the Chicago to Mackinac speed record (which he did in 1987). Since then, the Great Lakes fleet has grown to 15 yachts, making it one of the most exciting and competitive big boat racing fleets in the world.

High Speed sailing, in control, in comfort, and getting there first is where the rush and the action is. Especially when you also save your time on the slower, less comfortable, less exciting yachts who may finish the next day, or so!



For more information on the class, contact the Executive Director, Sam Nedeau, at SamNedeau@gl70.org.